Will The Pandemic Be The “Thing” To Push EMS Forward?

On episode “this one” Jim, Dave and Josh talk about the growing changes in EMS since the pandemic began. Working in mobile units, ED overflows, giving vaccines and now working with mental health professionals as part of non emergent response.

Plus the increased role Community Paramedics are also playing to help provide better care and mitigate the spread of COVID.

Questions asked are:

Is this moving EMS forward?

Should we be financially compensated for it?

Should we just welcome the growth?

Or perhaps we should question some of these like the mental health response.

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Every EMS Psych Call Needs A Social Worker

… Said no one in EMS ever.

This episode of the show talks about the idea that social workers should be responding to EMS psychiatric calls instead of law enforcement.

Great for LE (we all know they hate those calls anyway). But bad for EMS.

Plus we talk about that age ole topic of EMS pay, provider retention and becoming an EMT or paramedic.

Take a listen

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