You Can’t UN-Learn EMS

Is it possible to forget some things in EMS? Sure.

But if you have spent the time and put in true effort. You can’t unlearn what you have built.

Now there may be times you have to refresh your memory or maybe you realize you have not mastered a subject in a way that you are confident.

But unlearn it? No.

Remember that if you give the effort, make the sacrifice and put in the work. You will always have the skills and knowledge you’ve built.

No one can ever take that away.



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Exploring The Direct To Medic Training

DTMThis week we are joined by Vincent A. Papasodero. He is the Program Manager from the Emergency Medical Institute, North Shore-LIJ Health System. They have started a unique program that is called Direct to Medic. Students with no prior EMS training or experience will enter the DTM Program through a traditional Emergency Medical Technician Course. It is a 20-month program, which will afford candidates the opportunity to become credentialed as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic.

Take a listen as we talk about this unique program, its goals and answer any misconceptions about it.

Stay tuned at the end of the broadcast while we answer our very first listener question!

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Which EMS “P” Are You?

Medic partnersWhere do you put yourself working in EMS? I think it can come down to three key self titles.

Provider – the person that does the job, does it well and looks for that paycheck, the job security.

Professional – still does a great a job, expects the paycheck but also goes above the basics. Seeks out training, knowledge and interaction with other EMS folks.

Evangelist – beating the drum of all that is EMS. Absorbing as much education as you can, taking part in out of work activities. Spreading the good word of EMS where ever you go.

So where do you fit in? Maybe you are a little of all three.

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Preparing New EMS Providers | Beyond The Textbook

!cid_1A4117EE-C2FC-40DA-8ED5-4309CD462105As an EMS professional you have sat in class, studied the content, taken the exams and have even continued your education in CEU’s. But with all this book learnin’ how can you translate the textbook into the field?
The calls we go on don’t adhere to the textbook and the patients have not read them either. So, the balancing act is ever present between the text and the reality of EMS.

Listen as Jim, Josh and guest Bob Sullivan discuss the disconnect and some of the issues new EMS providers face.

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No Substitute For The Real Thing

While there is no substitute for the experience on that real crazy trauma call or the medical call that runs every algorithm in the book,
preparation can help. Are you prepared or do you know it all already?