EMS EMT Study Help Tips | Facial Injuries

This Monday Minutes episode starts off the Head, Neck and Facial injuries segments. Remember these are key elements to help you see where you might be weak in understanding EMS topics and to zero in on how you can be better.

You will often see these key points on exams.

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EMS Study Help | Chest Trauma Part One

This section of the EMS Study Guide Help Tips starts with chest trauma and the injuries that can cause ventilatory issues. These Monday Minute videos are focused to give key elements you will see on EMS exams and to help build your knowledge and confidence for EMS patient care and transport.

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NREMT Exam Study Ideas

This is a short snippet from a lost video series on ideas and methods to pass both the paramedic and EMT written or skills portions of the NREMT exam. You can get the full video set via the link below the video.


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