Why EMS Providers Resist Knowledge

I was joined by Mike Pertz this week on the show and we discussed a variety of topics. One of them being why EMS providers resist increasing their knowledge base unless it is exam time or mandated by their job or certification.

Mike is a contributor to FireRescue1.com and he has a great tool for EMS providers to help with pediatric patients called SmartSquad and you can get more information on that tool here.

He gave some unique insight into this topic I am sure you will enjoy.

He is also the owner of FireFighterNow.com which helps those who want to become firefighters pass those exams.

This was a great episode so be sure to lean forward and listen below.

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Why EMS Dispatchers and Parents Fail Pediatric CPR


This week on the podcast I interviewed Dr. Peter Antevy of Handtevy.com Pediatric Emergency Standards. This was a great session where Peter discussed:

  • Why dispatchers have a hard time rapidly providing CPR instructions for children
  • The power of reviewing all Pediatric (and adult) cardiac arrest audio tapes at your EMS agency
  • Why our brains are wired to become anxious during a pediatric call and how to overcome it.
    • System 1 & System 2 thinking

This episode is sure to shed some light on dealing with pediatrics in the field and how we can do better.

Check out Peters website at Handtevy.com. Great videos on some important pediatric skills and assessments.

Follow Peter on Twitter @handtevy


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