The Trachea | EMS Study Help

Breaking down some anatomy and focusing on the trachea. A simple yet key structure. Take a look and be sure to “Like” , “Share” and “Tweet” to spread the social media lovin’


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It Pays To Stay Fresh In EMS

banner3apRecently I had the pleasure of presenting an EMS webinar.

When preparing for the presentation I had to research and brush up on some topics and while I am comfortable in many areas of EMS  there is always room for improvement.

Listen, we can’t remember everything and even when we feel we have a firm grasp on a subject there’s always one or two things you may second  guess yourself on.

As you know I am big supporter of building your knowledge in EMS and feel  you never know everything and there is always room for broadening your education.

One tool I used is the Human Anatomy Course. This is a real go to resource for me  quite often for my webcasts, exam creation and blogging.

While many of us tend to focus on this during initial EMT or paramedic training. It really is a foundational topic that we should revisit once in awhile.

But who wants to keep huge textbooks lying around right?

The beauty of this resource is that it is all digital and you keep it on your computer for easy access and reference.

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The Radius and Ulna | An Intimate Look For EMS Study

You may be thinking that this simple and commonly mentioned area of your EMS textbook needs no further exploration. Yet knowing and understanding where the radius and ulna sit in the forearm can help you with your patient assessment, documentation and verbal patient care report.

It doesn’t take much to get a firm grasp on these two bones, especially when you can peel away the muscles to see them.

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Blood Vessels and Construction

This week goes over the three blood vessels and how they are constructed. This can be a great way to refresh and keep these key points ready for EMS exams and also when thinking about patient treatments and assessments.

To really master Human Anatomy and Physiology check this out.