Cold Emergencies | EMS Quick Study Tips

This week on the Monday Minutes I continue the EMS quick study help and focus on environmental emergencies. This part discusses general cold emergencies, frostbite and hypothermia. Remember these videos are key elements that you will often see on EMS exams. If something doesn’t click, you may want to open that text book and review more in-depth to really master the content.



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Is EMS Saying Goodbye To Cold Cool?

ems paramedic questionsThis episode we discuss recent changes seen in cardiac arrest hypothermia treatment in the pre hospital setting. This along with differences in trauma arrest guidelines and a few other tidbits make for another interesting show.

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Part 8 Post–Cardiac Arrest Care Circulation-2015-Callaway-S465-82



EKG Features in Hypothermia

With winter on the way and actually here in some places. I thought it would be a useful idea to point out some changes seen in EKG readings with hypothermia patients. Check out this video (about 7 minutes) and leave your hypothermia tips and useful clinical findings below.

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