IV Flow Rates | EMS Quick Study Tips

EMS study guide for setting IV flow rates and how to discover and adjust flow rate complications.

EMS Study Guide
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IV Therapy | EMS Quick Study Help

As we leave A&P behind, I start the next phase of the EMS Quick Study Tips with IV therapy.

Part one focuses on IV uses, types and administration. This is key info you need for that next EMS exam.

Don’t feel like you got enough of A&P? Need more A&P help? Check out this resource below


EMS IV Access Tips

We all have our own tips and techniques as paramedics for starting IV’s. This short video gives a few tips I hope you can use. Be sure to add your own IV start tips below in the comments or even ask an IV access question to be answered on the show or in a future Monday Minutes.

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BLS Pet Peeves | Preparing For Tough IV Sticks | WWJD 1/12/12

Do you have things that your BLS crews do that get under your skin? We can complain about it like a recent EMS Facebook post did or we can try and use these moments as ways to mentor what can often be just a communication issue or lack of understanding. Take a listen to Jim’s thoughts on this and his one tip on what you can do to better prepare for that difficult IV stick.


Check out the recorded webinar on IV Complications in EMS

Sound off below – what are your IV tips and BLS pet peeves?

Paramedic IV Start Pack Tips

As a paramedic, do you keep an IV start pack with you for quick IV access? Jim gives his IV start pack layout along with a few other tips that may help when beginning an IV in the back of a moving ambulance. What does your start pack contain?

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