Limiting Patient Choices During Call Overload

When people call 911 and then request transport to a specific hospital. Should EMS honor that request? 

Or should we transport to the closest appropriate facility based on the patients signs, symptoms and our suspected clinical picture of the patient?

In NYC they have attempted to take away the choice of facility for a patient  due to the call volume and hospital overloading from COVID

Specifically when people are calling for non emergency reasons and just want
a trip to the ED for minor issues or are looking for a COVID test to be done.

This week on the show Jim and Dave talk about this policy and also discuss
how we can be prepared for MCI’s and being the Incident Commander when no one wants  the job.

Plus we answer a listener question about being a new paramedic and overcoming stress.

Take a listen or watch this episode below

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EMS MCI Preparation

EMS After a short break for Memorial Day, Josh and Jim are back to discuss a topic that in the past may not have been at the forefront of our EMS list.

Discussing the recent JEMS issue and EMS preparedness, we talk about how it can pay off and why more than ever preparation can be the key to patient survival and provider safety. Guest caller Walter Dusseldorp of the Hudson Valley Paramedic Association made this a very interesting episode.

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Do We Need Better Cross Training?

Skills5Ever think EMS should do more cross training with our law enforcement and fire counterparts or vice versa?

It can be hard to know what is expected of us at fire scenes, crime scenes and accidents. I am sure it is just as frustrating to police and fire when they don’t know what we expect or need from them on our calls.

Better inter agency training can certainly help alleviate confusion and make us appear much more in tune with each other to the public as well.

Thanks to my special guest Rommie Duckworth who is filling in for Josh for this episode and to John Broyles for holding it down in the chat room.


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EMS Explosive Incident Response

This week I highlight three main types of explosive incidents. Have you taken an MCI or WMD class lately? What was your take away from the class? Post below and share your thoughts.


After Hours | The Secret Files

This week both Josh and I had some pressing engagements so we couldn’t do a live show. So, I went and pulled some audio from recordings we did at some of the “after hours” of the live episodes.

Take a listen to these never before heard recordings on topics like EMT’s that steal, pronouncing patients DOA when they are not, ICS, MCI drills and EMS mentoring.

Show notes

Josh Knapp at WANTYNU

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Focusing On Triage Goals

Boundtree Triage Pac

Many times a large incident with many patients and varying degrees of patient severity be overwhelming on both the EMS resources available and the provider. This Monday Minutes points out some key goals for triage and what you should keep in mind should you find yourself in the midst of a large MCI.




Scene Size Up BSI….. Really?

The terms scene safety/size up & BSI are said during every skills testing station and is usually part of a question in every EMS exam. But is it just a mantra we say over and over for testing purposes or do we really think about it? I mean really. This week I utter a few words on this topic and would love to hear your scene safety/size up tips and ideas that keep you safe and on track.