The Great NREMT Hoax?

The Great NREMT Hoax

What do you think?

The recent NREMT resolution to change eligibility requirements
has brought on a variety of opinions, and of course, what would EMS Office Hours be without an opinion of our own?

I mean we all have one, just like…

Join Jim, Josh and Dave as we talk about this proposal and what it means for EMS if anything.

Is the NREMT really needed after all, or is it a big hoax states have bought into for far too long.

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The Time They Laughed At You

I wanted to share this NREMT exam struggle story on passing the NREMT. 

One of my coaching students thought they knew it all. But when his classmates where moving ahead he was stuck behind and feeling like he was being laughed at. 

True of not, it can be very unsettling when you feel your peers are judging you. 

Take a listen 

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EMS Study Help | Extremity Trauma

Having an idea of key elements you often see on exams can help prepare you for that next test. This video episode covers extremity trauma and some primary things to look for.

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EMS Study Tips | Spinal Trauma

Wrapping up the head and spinal injuries section of the EMS quick study tips series. This video episode covers spinal injuries and the key elements you will often see on your EMT and paramedic.

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EMS EMT Study Help | Ear Eye & Dental Injuries

EMS study help tips on ear, eye and dental trauma. Key points seen on exams and to help build your knowledge base.

Part Two of the Monday Minutes on Head and Spinal Trauma.

You will often see these key points on exams.

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Stages Of Shock | EMS NREMT Quick Study Help Tips

This short video covers the key elements on the stages of shock. Perfect to build your knowledge and refresh on important elements for NREMT exam success. 


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Are We Teaching To Pass The NREMT?

EMS educator and speaker Mike Smith joins Jim for this episode and they talk about difficulties in EMS training like teaching for the NREMT exam vs. teaching for the real world. Mike points out how it can be a good blend if done the right way.

Plus the flipped classroom and potential benefits to students. Listen and share below.

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In this episode I share two ideas to help you with your exam success and even day to day EMS success.

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EMS Quick Study Help | Skeletal System

This EMS quick study tips episode focuses on the skeletal system. Get the EMS exam help that covers key elements of any EMS paramedic exam.

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