What Drives EMS Protocol Changes?

Joined by Mark Albert, Tim Noonan and Josh K, this weeks Office Hours discussed some thought processes behind protocol changes in EMS. Focused at recent changes in Morphine within proposed NYC REMAC guidelines, Mark gave some insight to the process that includes evidence based study, drug make-up and the many steps before a protocol gets changed (sort of like that old PBS skit on how a Bill becomes Law). Tim and Josh gave their insight as well and once again we hit the wall on time. Take a listen and post your thoughts below.

Show links:


TheHeart.org article (requires registration but it’s free and gives access to other great articles)

Article from EMS Village on the study.

AHA 2010 ACS

Also check out these results.

The Guests:

Tim Noonan at Rogue Medic

Josh K of  Wantynu

Mark Albert at EMSMedRX



Buck Feris – Gomerville

EMSEducast on Organ & Tissue Procurement

NYC REMAC Study Group Webinar

NYC Private Hospitals Looking At Big Bills To Run 911 EMS. Should They Pay?

In the latest effort to get local government spending down, NYC wants voluntary hospitals to pay up to $1 million a year to have their ambulances respond to 911 calls. Should they consider paying?

This episode of EMS Office Hours talks about this proposal, feedback from the field, potential hazards looming and maybe a bit more. Joined by several guest callers and chat room participants this hot EMS topic is one that has the potential to effect not just NYC EMS providers but the citizens of the city as well.

Take a listen to hear several view points and be sure to post your comments as well below.

Show Links:

The Social Medic – Dave Konig – http://thesocialmedic.net/2010/12/fdny-and-bloomberg-replace-ambulances-providing-911-service-with-extortion-services/

Rogue Medic Blog-  http://roguemedic.com/2010/12/ny-city-decides-to-cut-back-on-ambulances/

WSJ Blog –   http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703493504576007743046682606.html

Save Our Hospital Based 911 Services Facebook Fan Page:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Save-Our-Hospital-Based-911-Ambulance-Services/183373018345212

Contact your local City Council – http://council.nyc.gov/html/members/members.shtml