EMS Pay, Career and Education…. Again

This week Jim is joined by both Josh and Dave. We talk about everyones favorite EMS subject, pay, education and career options. However I don’t think this is your average talk on the subject. Take a listen below and be sure to share, leave a comment or subscribe to the podcast.

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Doing More In 30 Minutes Or Less | Preparing EMS Students

When is it too much? How many responsibilities can EMS take on and not be expected to earn more?How about just being given the time to perform responsibilities and expectations? I talk about this, exam help and the snubbing of Jim. Take a listen.

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ABC’s Of An EMS Association – PAGNY Highlight

Building an EMS Association is an undertaking not for the faint of heart. Join us as we welcome PAGNY creator Numan Ejaz and discuss his fledging professional non profit association that promises to be a future force in NY EMS. Find out what started this venture, how far they have come, short and long term goals and more.

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EMSMedRx – Pharmacology for emergency medicine and EMS.

Tim Noonan – RogueMedic.com 

Show links:

JEMS Article – Liability for EMS Licensing

NREMT Opinion – The Legal Differences Between Certification and Licensure

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