What Are Your EMS Benefit Goals?

When you think of benefits of EMS employment. Do you focus on pay, vacation, sick time? Or.. do you think about things like available continuing education, the partner you are with, schedules and how busy an organization is? It’s important to think about all these elements and more when applying for a career in EMS and what is most important is actually what you are looking to get out of your employment. Take a listen as Jim and Josh talk about these elements and maybe even bring up some benefits you may not have thought of.

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Are You Making This MC EMS Exam Mistake?

This week I revive my hate for multiple choice EMS exams but I also acknowledge how I must embrace them.

Many EMT and Paramedics don’t see that while certain types of MC resources will sidetrack your success in EMS.

Others will make all that time, energy and money you have spent working towards your EMT or paramedic certification lead to success.

Take a listen and see what I mean

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Are You Stuck In The EMS Pipeline?

Life kinda puts you into pipelines. You enter one way and expect to eventually come out the other end another way. Like school for instance. You start high school or college a freshman and expect and work towards the goal of senior and graduation.

EMS is no different in that we also end up in a pipeline. However for many of us, we get stuck in it along with a lot of others making seeing and working towards that end, that goal much harder.

This weeks episode talks about this and gives some insight on getting out of the pipeline. More importantly how to be ready when that opening shows up.

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The EMS Hobbyist

medicsmalefemaleThis week we talk about the part time EMS provider. The volunteer, the person who uses EMS as a part time income or because they enjoy the rush, the change from a desk job. Does this type of workforce help or hurt us as a profession? How does this demographic in EMS effect the supply and demand for employers?

How does this all translate to those of us who depend on EMS for our livelihood?

Take a listen as we are joined by guest David Brenner and leave your thoughts on our discussion in the comments below.

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Is EMS One Big Toxic Environment?

I think we can all agree that EMS is a tough job. Patients, family members, nurses, docs, police, fire, the UPS guy. All the things that can make our jobs easier or harder, depending on many variables.

Add to that what seems to be an often toxic work environment, its no wonder it gets to be a kill or be killed theme out there. Every man and woman for themselves.

So in this episode, we ask why are our work environments so toxic? What underlines the causes and what are some key things we can do as individuals and as a group to make things better?

Show Notes

Thanks to Bob, Dave, Joe and John for joining us and lending their insight.

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Dave Aber from EMS Difference

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

John Broyles from the 1 Union 801 podcast

Articles mentioned



EMS Rapid Fire Show | September Edition

Time again for another monthly Rapid Fire episode where we will discuss popular EMS articles and topics in the news, on the blogs and general webosphere. Now I didn’t get to all the topics I wanted but we did have a lively talk about being called an ambulance driver, uniforms, perception <– yes again, and being vocal about your EMS system.

Show notes

Thanks to Tim Noonan, Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp and John Broyles for joining me on the call.

Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.

Check out the articles below we mentioned during the show


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Have A Heartbeat? You’re Hired

If you’ve ever applied or know someone who has for a law enforcement or fire fighter position? You may have noticed that before you are hired for these jobs, you have to pass various evaluations. Everything from psychological to fitness and competency exams. While EMS may not have the same type of job skills that police or fire do, it certainly is a demanding job with all it’s own variables. Including being in the public trust. Yet there is often very little in the way of pre employment screening, physical or competency exams given to EMS providers before employment. It seems as long as there is a “pulse” that person can get hired and have access to all the equipment, vehicles and patients their heart desires.

What what your EMS employment process? Do you feel it is adequate or not enough? Listen to the show and be sure to leave your thoughts on this below.


Show notes:

David Aber from EMS Difference

Tim Noonan Rogue Medic.

Article on EMS System Abuse discussed during the show.

Communication Failures | Part 1 – Medics

A common point that gets brought up on Office Hours is how we “own” much of what we do. Often, our communication with each other as EMS providers and fellow health care professionals can cause issues in patient care, daily operations and even in a career. The first part in this series will discuss how paramedics communicate with each other. Come listen in on this episode for ideas on better communication, approaches to issues that arise on the job and how we can take some first steps to improve common communication issues for better patient care and beyond.



Show notes:


Tim Noonon – The Rogue Medic

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU.com



What EMS Plan Are You On?

Have you ever felt like there may be things you can do to better EMS for yourself? Maybe even make an impact on the industry, however small?  During this episode Jim plans on pointing out key things you can do to be a better EMS provider and advocate for the profession vs. what many providers actually do. There seems to be two separate plans. Which one are you following?

Show Notes:

EMS On The Hill

Josh Knapp of O2Wrench.com