EMS Study Help | Assessment Of Extremity Trauma

This final episode of the EMS study help tips covers extremity trauma assessment and management.

This may be the last episode of the EMS study guide series but more Monday Minutes will continue…

Stay tuned.

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Improving EMS Study Habits

This week I pulled a great segment that goes over some ways you can better focus and improve your study habits in EMS.

I believe that this can help you not just for exams but also when it comes to simply retaining the information that is vital to us as clinicians in the field.

Take a listen and be sure to jump over to iTunes when you are done and give a quick review.

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Geriatric Patients P2 | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This latest Monday Minutes video finishes up on the geriatric patient. Get key elements to look for when assessing and transporting your geriatric patient. It’s important to keep certain considerations in mind when doing a patient assessment on the geriatric patient.

These are geared to help you pass your paramedic or EMS exam, be a better clinician and make good transport decisions.


Abdominal Emergencies | EMS Quick Study Help

This episode of the EMS Quick Study Tips is focused on abdominal emergencies. As always great key elements to focus on for your exams and beyond.

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