EMS Light Duty Positions and Working Outside Your Skill Set

This week me, Josh Knapp and Sean Eddy discuss the light duty positions that can be filled by injured EMS providers. EMS agencies often use these injured employees to perform administrative duties, training and stocking of supplies. Bigger organizations also assign EMS providers to duties outside their direct training and knowledge.

ems transportTo me this is great. It makes use of employees and gets work done making the organization more efficient. It also allows EMS providers to work and not have to go on workers compensation giving them financial stability while they are hurt.
It was also mentioned that some organizations allow this light duty benefit (which to me it is a benefit vs. worker comp.) even if they get injured while off duty.

I do think though there is an issue when agencies allow EMS providers to work outside their skill when it suits them and prohibits this when there isn’t a direct need. One example I’ve seen is when nursing went on strike and they allowed paramedics to work in the ED, but once the nurses where back, that sort of work was prohibited.

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