The Reality Of Geriatrics In EMS

Ahh yes, the drive to be an EMT. The car wrecks, shootings, heart attacks and cardiac arrests. But once you have that nice EMT card you quickly realize that most of what you are doing are geriatric patients. All with a wide variation of illnesses, history and medication lists long enough to fill way more than that little space on your chart allows.

So I ask you, did you expect that part of EMS? Have you embraced it yet? If not you should. It’s not going to change and it’s certainly not going to get any better. Be sure to jump in on this episode and share your thoughts on this topic.

Show notes:

Thanks to Rommie Duckworth for joining me in Josh’s absence. Check Rom out at Rescue Digest and follow him on Twitter at @romduck

Great input as well from David Aber of EMS Difference. Follow Dave on Twitter at @emsdifference

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