Getting Paid For What You Do In EMS

It’s a common complaint right? EMS doesn’t get paid enough. Arguments on education, training levels, license vs. certification. All trying to justify higher pay or why we don’t deserve it. Yet, where is the incentive if we don’t get paid just a little extra for some things we do now that seem to get lumped into our job descriptions. Listen to this discussion and share your experiences.

Is NJ Setting A Standard For The Future of EMS?

A New Jersey EMS Bill is suggesting licensure for EMT’s and paramedics, creating standards of care that are enforced and having an EMS oversight entity at the state level. These are the key components of the Bill and many feel they are overdue. Is this just an attempt to remove volunteers from the system? Or can this be a system model that will help move EMS to the next level of professionalism nationwide? Take a listen to this fast paced episode as our guests discuss the points of the Bill and opposition to it.



Show Notes:

Links on the NJ EMS Bill

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Guests –

Scott A. Kasper is a paramedic who has been involved in EMS for more than 25 years. Scott holds a Bachelors of Science and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering , both from Tufts University. Formerly the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Boston EMS Council and Chief of EMS in Worcester Massachusetts, Scott currently serves as the Corporate Director of Emergency Services at Virtua Health, providing paramedic services to Burlington and Camden Counties NJ as well as aeromedical services to the Southern New Jersey region, and is the President of the New Jersey Association of Paramedic Services (NJAPP).

Andy Lovell is the current Gloucester County EMS Chief. Andy is also an active NJ mobile intensive care paramedic, riding 24 to 36 hours per week.  Prior to joining GCEMS at their inception in 2007, Andy was the Chief at Logan EMS, a municipal-based EMS agency that provided service in 3 municipalities adjoining the Township of Logan.  Logan EMS was the 2005 New Jersey Public EMS Agency of the Year Award winner. Andy also participates in the NJ EMS Council, the NJ County EMS Coordinator Council, the NJ EMS Task Force Advisory Board and the NJ Medical Command Center Advisory Group.

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Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic

Russell Stine – The Hybrid Medic

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Authorized Transmissions | June 2011

This week I am taking a break from the live show. However, I did want to post something of interest and thought the recent edition of the online newsletter would be a great idea. This month I highlight an older Office Hours I did with Greg Friese, talk about paramedic licensure and offer a nice pharmacology freebie.


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