Respiratory PH | EMS Quick Study Tips

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Tips talks about respiratory acidosis and alkalosis. Great tips and help for EMS paramedics when taking exams and assessing their patients.


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Asthma | EMS Patient Assessment

This episode focuses on some key points when assessing your asthma patient. Part of a larger download over at Turbo Medic it gives some important elements when doing your EMS patient assessment on the asthmatic patient. It even talks how you can begin your assessment before you even get to the patients side.

Get the complete resource as a Free member of Turbo Medic by clicking here.

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EMS Scenarios | Abdominal Pain 11_13

Put your thinking caps on for this episode as I give a quick patient scenario and ask you what the diagnosis is. I think this video can really help you with both your field impression thinking and on EMS exams when faced with scenario based questions.  Did you get it right? Let me know in the comments.

EMS Pharmacology | BETA Blockers

I had scheduled a video on EMS Pharmacology. But my voice this week is not up to it due to a bad cold I am having (should I call 911?). So, instead I thought I would share this quick Youtube video from a great educator that I follow there and you can see more of his videos at While many are geared towards Physician Assistants, the content can most certainly be used at the Paramedic level as well.

Overview of Respiration | Quick Help Resource

This weeks Minutes, I am giving a quick overview on the respiratory and ventilation functions along with some things you should think about when assessing a patient complaining of difficulty breathing.  This is only about 13 minutes long, but I hope will help give you a refreshing view and motivate you to study and review further. Be sure to post your own tips and assessment ideas below.
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If One IV Is Good, Two Is Better, Right?

In a recent article it was asked if trauma patients really need that second IV line. Large bore catheter or not, should we be following this often written trauma patient rule or should we be treating the patient according to our assessment? The answer seems obvious. So, why is this even an issue? Go read the article and then give your latest bilat IV story.


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Medical Math Webinar for 8/25

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Do You Have An EMS “BS” Meter?

When responding to that 911 call, do you have a pre conceived notion of what the call will be? Do you start to judge and consider certain call types as “BS”? Should we do this and how can we avoid getting that tunnel vision and end up overlooking key clinical presentations? Take a listen and be sure to share your story or insight into this topic below in the comments.


Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

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VRM – Rollover – Importance of EMS Re-assessment

This code three response to a single vehicle rollover demonstrates the importance of re-assessment of your patients and keeping your thought process going as a paramedic and good EMS provider.