Taking Orthostatic Blood Pressures

This weeks Monday Minutes episode focuses on the procedure for taking orthostatic blood pressures. Now it may seem pretty straight forward for many but I have seen too many EMS providers do it wrong or for the wrong reasons. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on this skill.

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EMS Documentation Pearls | Part Two

This episode on EMS Documentation is part two and goes a little more into detail when thinking about what and how to properly document your patient care as a paramedic.




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EMS Patient Assessment | Pulses and…

This episode focuses on a common element in EMS patient assessment. Giving a patients heart rate is great but do we consistently describe a patients pulse quality so that every healthcare professional understands what we mean?

This video will give you an easy and accepted method in pulse quality description.

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Using Time To Guide EMS Patient Care

goldenhouremsEarly in EMS education we are presented with the idea that “time” is a factor in much of what we do. Golden Hours, Platinum Ten Minutes, Time is Muscle etc.

While some of these can help us with our treatment and transport decisions, have you ever wondered or questioned if they are getting in the way of patient care?

As EMS providers we bring much of the Emergency Department to the patient. Even more so we are expected to provide certain levels of care to our patients prior to delivery to these ED’s.

I am sure that you have been questioned or made to feel like less of a provider when you don’t provide certain aspects of care. Even when it was due to trying to follow dictated “time” constraints that are expected and may have been in the patients better interest to transport rather than perform a skill prior to arrival at the ED.

So what do you think? Are these time markers valuable to us as providers or helpful?

Do we end up focusing too much on them and not on what is best for the patient?

Join David, Jim, Josh and caller Donald for this episode as we discuss this and other popular EMS topics.


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Myocardial Infarction | EMS Assessment Tips

Patients with chest pain are common call types in EMS. While we may treat them as common that can lend itself to missing key points when assessing these patients. This weeks Monday Minutes focuses on the key points you should be thinking about when presented with the chest pain patient and potential myocardial infarction.

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Stressful EMS Calls | The Pucker Factor

medicsmalefemaleMany calls we run in EMS are pretty basic. Easy assessments, uneventful transports. However we do actually run emergency calls. The critical pediatric, major trauma, police officer down, firefight down etc.

These call types can rapidly increase our anxiety levels and give us the “pucker factor” no one wants to experience.

If you really think about though, these are not always the calls that give us that anxiety and increase our performance as EMS professionals.

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It’s All About Scene Safety Until It’s Not

EMS1Ever get to the EMS call and find the door slightly open and no one is answering? What do you do? Does your decision to enter or not depend on the type of call? Does your agency have a written guideline for this scenario?

Lots of questions for what can be a very common occurrence in EMS. While the answers may very black and white on paper, as providers and EMS professionals we can struggle with safety vs. potential patient needs or outcomes.

Listen to this episode and be sure to comment below and what you would do in these situations and what drives your decisions.

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Your EMS Task At Hand

The last Monday Minutes for 2013. I end the year with tips on staying focused, how it can help you and your patient. I also talk about how when you know “You have a job” staying on task is vital. Take a listen and let me know if you or your partners have been guilty of these distractions.


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EMS Patient Assessment | Syncope

The syncope call is pretty common in EMS. All too often we tend to RMA these patients. But there are some key assessment flags you should be thinking about when evaluating these patients. Check out the short video below for a few EMS assessment tips to look out for during your next syncope encounter.



EMS Patient Assessment | Population Awareness

EMS patient assessments should be done on all patient contacts. This weeks video talks about some things to keep an eye out for with specific patient populations.