Did You Consider Solu-Medrol?

I often hear paramedics say they don’t consider giving solu-medrol to their asthma patients because it takes too long to work. I have seen some EMS agencies removing this drug from their drug box due to this and the cost savings of doing so.

But shouldn’t we look a little beyond the immediate care we give and what we see is happening to the patient? This week I point out a few things that may have you re-thinking the use of this drug.

Do you use solu-medrol as part of your treatment for asthmatics?  Is your agency considering removing this drug from your options or have they already? Post your thoughts below.

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Is There Room For Drug Errors In EMS?

With a recent article and some fall out on a medic and drug administration error. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss this topic. What should happen if a drug error is made? Should the penalty be the same regardless of the drug, patient or outcome? Have you ever given the wrong drug or dosage? Listen to this discussion and be sure to check out the survey results below and share your own drug error story or opinion.


Show Notes

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Update news article on Lido error.

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Do You Have A Zero Accident Attitude?

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