Simple Infusion Calculation

Don’t make medical math harder than it has to be. This week I do a little simple infusion calculation. While it is basic, it can be the starting point for those who struggle with medical math and drug calculations.


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IV Access Complications | Paramedic Skill Tips

Intravenous or IV access skills as a paramedic is a vital component of what EMS providers can do for their patients in the field. It’s gives the ability for medication and fluid administration as well as being able to draw blood for immediate lab tests at the receiving emergency department.

This video gives some key areas to consider when you have complications starting or maintaining IV access. Be sure to post your IV tips below and share your IV complication experiences.


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Knowing Where To Stick Em’

Most EMS patients don’t have huge 24 year old athlete type pipes for veins. It can help to know where you should expect to see veins when looking at your patients. This way when you have that patient with less than optimal IV access, you will have a frame of reference on where you should be looking to have the most success. Check out this video for some IV site locations and be sure to leave your IV tips below as well.

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Also check out my friend Steve Whitehead for some great IV tips.

Watch this IV video on YouTube as well.

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Thinking About The C-Spine

This weeks Monday Minutes offers a quick EMS mini-refresher on the C-spine. Noting key areas you should think about when assessing your patient with a potential spinal injury as an EMT or Paramedic.


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Being Flexible On Your Next Intubation

I wanted to share this EMS1 video with you and talk about what I took away from it. Take look and check out these paramedic intubation tips and be sure to post your own tips or techniques below.


Watch the original EMS1 video here.

If One Paramedic Is Good, Two Is Better Right? Not So Fast.

EMS systems vary across the US. Some run one medic one EMT crews, some run double medic crews. There are even those that have 3-5 medics show up on a call. Beyond cost, many are gearing towards the one medic one EMT model and tout better patient care and provider proficiency. Take a listen to this lively discussion and leave your views below.

Show Notes:

Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic

Bob Sullivan of EMS Patient Perspective

Josh from WANTYNU

Links to check out:

EMS World article on Austin-Travis TX staffing change

Check out these interesting articles on New Jersey as well.

Update – 3/2/12

A few more links sent over by Tim.

Effect of crew size on objective measures of resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
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The association between emergency medical services staffing patterns and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival.
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EMS Intubation Using BURP

This week is a video Monday Minutes. EMS endotracheal intubation help using the BURP maneuver or “backward, upward, rightward pressure”. Paramedics should be familiar with this to help with their intubation skills and management of difficult airways.

EMS – A Jury Of Your Peers

Ever feel like you get judged by your fellow EMS peers because you did or didn’t do something. Maybe you’ve sat at quarters and listened to another crew talk about a medic or EMT and how they reacted on a call. Does this make you more agressive or even timid when it comes to your patient care? What are your feelings on this and how we can avoid being a backseat driver on someone elses 911 call.

Show notes:


Tim Noonan –

Mark Albert – EMSMedRx

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Did You Give Your 5cc’s of Life Today?

Ever feel like you are performing tasks and skills to satisfy paperwork, your boss or the ED? What about the patient? How are they benefiting from a saline lock, nasal cannula or EKG? When do you decide treatment vs. CYA.

Show links:


More of Mark Albert at

EMS Provider Skills | Responsible vs. Incompetence

When it comes to skills in EMS, pressure to do well especially in front of your co-workers can be stressful. Things like IV access, drug selection and clinical impressions can leave your co-workers with either a positive or negative view of you. Sometimes worrying about this perception can dictate this view more negatively than you think, IF you’re not thinking.

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