EMS Student, Preceptor Education Balance

Being an EMS paramedic or EMT student is tough. Yet being a preceptor is equally hard. I see too many of each not approaching common struggles the right way. Which leads to frustration and overwhelm and even having students quit their studies.

This episode of the podcast I talk a bit about how to balance it all out and how everyone has to be accountable.

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The EMS Trainee Role | EMS Mentorship

EMS mentor guidance and how the paramedic / EMT trainee or protege see themselves and takes advantage of the mentor/protege relationship is important to the success of that relationship.

Here are some key points for the protege and what their roles are when they are a new EMT or paramedic within an organization and how they can maximize the experiences.

Are you a an EMS mentor or new EMT or paramedic provider? What are you doing to make the most of your relationship?

How Do You Do Drug Calcs?

Medical math or drug calculations is one of the most stressed over parts of being a paramedic student and many providers struggle with it even after being in the field awhile. I think part of that is because we try and use as many short cuts as possible and when anything outside of that shortcut comes along, we lose our way. Now of course if you are a math wiz, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you are like me and your version of doing a math problem is throwing a bunch of change on the counter and tallying it up, then you have to take measures that will help you understand drug calculations and not just go from some cheat sheet or memorization all the time. Take a listen to this weeks Monday Minutes and be sure to comment below on what you use for medical math.

Medical Math Boot Camp

MedMath Simplified

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Your EMS Questions Answered

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