Central Nervous System | EMS Quick Study Tips

I begin the neurological emergency section with a quick overview of the central nervous system (CNS).

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Respiratory System | EMS Quick Study Tips

This episode of the EMS Quick Study Tips discusses the respiratory system. Be sure to share or Like below.

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Tissues | EMS Quick Study Help

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Help discusses Tissues and Integumentary System. EMS anatomy and physiology Part IV.

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The Trachea | EMS Study Help

Breaking down some anatomy and focusing on the trachea. A simple yet key structure. Take a look and be sure to “Like” , “Share” and “Tweet” to spread the social media lovin’


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Is There A Science To EMS Exam Prep?


Taking any EMS exam is challenging. The amount of content you are expected to remember and know how to apply all piled into a 200 question test can seem overwhelming.

spellcheckThis week we talk about some tips and methods that have worked for us when taking exams, the systems that Jim recommends to his website members and discuss some  techniques used by others as well.

Less face it, passing the exam means you get to work or keep working. There’s a lot on the line and no one is going to give you the answers to the questions.

Take a listen to this episode as Jim, Josh and caller Dan Limmer discuss this topic, joined by John Broyles in the live chat room.

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Show Notes:

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The Radius and Ulna | An Intimate Look For EMS Study

You may be thinking that this simple and commonly mentioned area of your EMS textbook needs no further exploration. Yet knowing and understanding where the radius and ulna sit in the forearm can help you with your patient assessment, documentation and verbal patient care report.

It doesn’t take much to get a firm grasp on these two bones, especially when you can peel away the muscles to see them.

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Paramedic Study Help | Cardiac Output

This weeks Minutes I give a quick overview on just a small part of the cardiac system to help with paramedic studies.

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Acid Base Balance In Five Minutes

OK, well more like seven minutes but this weeks Minutes offers a quick overview of respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis.

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