A Few Realities Of EMS – It’s Not Puppy Dogs And Ice Cream Cones

I want to touch on some realities of EMS. Just as a reminder that while what we see, read or hear are great ways to get our thoughts going and provoke change there are some realities of EMS we have to face in the meantime, despite what we may want or even feel.

Show notes:

A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver – Everybody Has A Diagnosis

Roguemedic – Great points on current drugs we are expected to use. This is actually part three in this series, so be sure to read all 4.

The Chronicles of EMS – Go watch and read about EMS 2.0

EMS Boot Camp – Find out more about EMS webinars online

MedicCast – Put this as one of your top EMS online resources.

See details about the NREMT Audio Video Showcase – click here.

Sometimes It’s All About The Airway

This VRM responds to a difficulty breathing patient. It’s important to remember all the many respiratory conditions you can encounter on these calls while also keeping the basics like airway management in mind. Especially if that is the only thing you can do for the patient. Watch this episode to see what the VRM found upon arrival and what the patient outcome was.

Dextrose, Dementia – The Difference.

Ever get the call where a patient has both diabetes and dementia and the call is for a change in mental status? When encountering these patients, it is very important to get a complete history leading up to the event such as last meal, medication administration, and if the change is sudden or gradual. In this weeks Mondays Minutes I wanted to touch on these two topics and how they can affect us as EMS professionals in the field.

Check out the EMS Boot Camp session on diabetes in the EMS setting by clicking here.

Remediation Vs. Discipline

When should providers be remediated for patient care errors and when is discipline the more appropriate route? This episode discusses, quality improvement and discipline, how they differ and when it’s time for one or the other. 

As part of the new features, Jim is giving away a little goodie to one lucky listener. Does your agency provide remediation or are they more discipline heavy? Post your thoughts below in the comments.

Timestamping Tools For EMS

With so much going on in the back of the ambulance, it can be tough to keep track of everything you are doing nevermind the times you are doing them. However, times are important to keep track of both patient care and documentation. Check out these tips for keeping up with your interventions. Be sure to post your time keeping tips below.

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