Limiting Patient Choices During Call Overload

When people call 911 and then request transport to a specific hospital. Should EMS honor that request? 

Or should we transport to the closest appropriate facility based on the patients signs, symptoms and our suspected clinical picture of the patient?

In NYC they have attempted to take away the choice of facility for a patient  due to the call volume and hospital overloading from COVID

Specifically when people are calling for non emergency reasons and just want
a trip to the ED for minor issues or are looking for a COVID test to be done.

This week on the show Jim and Dave talk about this policy and also discuss
how we can be prepared for MCI’s and being the Incident Commander when no one wants  the job.

Plus we answer a listener question about being a new paramedic and overcoming stress.

Take a listen or watch this episode below

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When Patients Attack, Handling Unexpected Confrontations

One role of the EMS provider is caring for emotionally disturbed patients. Most of these calls go without incident, with little more than some creative writing. But what about when that calm EDP decides he or she wants to rough house? What do you do? Following written guidelines can be tricky in these situations. Listen as Jim and Josh Knapp  discuss what really should be obvious points when dealing with these patients.

What are your agency policies with emotionally disturbed patients? How do you personally handle these situations? Post your thoughts below.

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Watch this video for some interesting stats.

Are You Packaging Your Patient or Just Transporting?

While it seem obvious that packaging and transporting your patient tie in to each other. The packaging part can make a difference in exposure, safety and presentation. Watch Jim’s take on one method he uses for patient packaging that is sure to have you re-thinking your patient transport.

How do you package your patients? Post your technique and tips below.