Social Media Oopsies In EMS

299-Purple-256This was a special video Google + Hangout of Office Hours. A first for me and co-host Josh Knapp from We talk about the growing issues with social media and EMS providers being fired and put in the public spotlight for videos, Facebook posts and tweets. Some deserving and others maybe not so much.

What do you think? Is social media and your work as an EMS provider off limits or should you be able to have  your freedom of speech no matter what it is?

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What Role Does The Media Play For EMS?

How EMS is perceived is important for many reasons. Some of this perception can be controlled by what you do or how active your agency is in it’s community.  The media can also have a part in this as well and many times it is more negative than we would like. Take a listen to the discussion on the medias role in how EMS is perceived. What can we do better? Is there anything we can change or control? Post your opinion below.


Show notes:

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EMS Twitter Resource

As someone who Tweets, I am always trying to get my friends and family to sign up and get a Twitter account. Often it is resisted as a waste of their time. Statements like “Who wants know what I had for lunch?” or “My life isn’t that interesting for me to be tweeting” are given as excuses for not being a part of this popular social media venue. The funny thing is that many who have said that end up joining Twitter anyway.

One main problem that people find themselves in, is that they just don’t know what to tweet, they draw a blank trying to fill up that 140 character space. Popular news is always great to share, especially if you are the first in your following to tweet it. But it can be hard to find the popular goings on via the web and what people i.e. your followers might find interesting.

In the EMS world, it’s no different. Finding interesting topics to tweet and giving your followers a reason to keep following you can be a constant challenge. For basic informational Tweeting you can use sites like but what about for EMS?

Well, there is a brand new resource just for you EMS tweeters out there called This is a great place to get the hot topics in EMS from news, blogs, podcasts, videos and even product reviews. There is even an included popular WWW section for general interesting news and popular trends. 

So the next time you are having a hard time finding something to tweet or just want  to see what is going on in EMS, be sure to visit this resource.

Take a look now at click here.

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Weight, EMS Job Performance And Social Media No No’s

The first podcast for the year since my voice and illness issues makes me give a 2011 confession. Especially when talking about social media, EMS and body weight. Take listen and be sure to check out the links below.

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