Narcan For Everyone | Backboards For No One

EMS1On this weeks EMS Office Hours I was joined by Greg Friese and we discussed two popular topics in 2014. We talked about the growing use of Narcan by not just EMS but other first responders like law enforcement and fire departments. Plus the welcomed changes in how we use spinal immobilization in EMS.

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The August Rapid Fire Show

gungirl12Take a listen to this months Rapid Fire show. We talk about back boarding patients, ambulance safety, bloody ambulances and a whole bunch more. This is a fast paced show so keep your ears peeled.

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Too Much Oxygen, Too Many Backboards

Study5This week on the rapid fire episode Tim Noonan joined myself and Josh for a lively discussion on oxygen therapy, spinal immobilization (yeah, that old gag) and research based treatment in EMS.

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Hurry Up And Get Them In The Ambulance | The New Load and Go?

Sometimes a hectic scene or stressful call can have you hurrying your EMS care or transport. While it may not always affect patient care or outcome, it can give a poor perception if pictures are taken. It can also put you as the provider at risk depending on the patient, transport or details you might miss.  This week I focused on a discussion over at the JEMS page on Facebook regarding a picture taken at what I am sure was a hectic scene.

Take a look at this video and post below what you see going wrong in the picture. Can you understand the short cuts that seem to be taken or is there no excuse no matter the scene or call type?

Allow Me To Manipulate.. I Mean Immobilize Your Spine

Are we using spinal immobilization based on evidence, opinion or protection against litigation? Can performing spinal immobilization cause more harm than good? Some say yes. What are some of the dangers and benefits (medically) if any in using spinal immobilization? While this topic may have been covered before, I think it’s worth keeping in the front of  discussions. Take a listen and give your ideas and opinion on this hot EMS topic.

Show Notes:

Great article at EMS Village –  Spinal Immobilization Decision Algorithm – Author: Colleen M Hayes, MBA, RN, EMT-P

EMS Research Podcast – Spine Immobilization in Penetrating Trauma: More Harm Than Good?

Spinal Assessment Learning Guide – pdf.

EMS Garage Episode 22: Jet Laggin]

Tim’s great collection of posts on spinal immobilization at Rogue Medic

Dr. Bledsoe – Top Ten EMS Studies

Future Ditch Doctor post mentioned in this episode.

Thanks to the guests:

Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic

Josh Knapp –

Spinal Immobilization For EMT’s Of All Ages

During this episode Jim talks about spinal immobilization. In his time in EMS it is one thing that comes to mind that hasn’t really changed all that much. Not a whole lot of proof that it helps patients, yet we keep doing it based on mechanism or patient complaint. What ever happened to a physical exam and the EMS providers judgment? We are expected to use it in so many other areas of EMS, but when it comes to this we seem to have a blanket spoken/unspoken policy to just do it. What do you base your immobilization’s on? MOI, patient complaint, protocols? Comment below on how you approach this and what your agency or system policy is.

Show Notes:

Efficacy and compliance of a prehospital spinal immobilization guideline
Effects of Prehospital Spinal Immobilization

Selective Spinal Immobilization
Keith Wesley, MD, FACEP

Guest Caller – Russell Stine
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