EMS Active Shooter Training

ambulance1MMThis week the hosts are joined by guest Thomas Calimano who discusses his experiences with active shooter training and how it relates to EMS. Tom gives some great insight into starting up an active shooter training program and some key elements to focus on.

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EMS In The “War”m Zone?

EMS This week Jim and Josh were joined by Dave Brenner. They talked a bit about EMS training, vehicle responsibilities and found their way into a recent article in the NY Times about sending EMS providers into active shooter warm zones on a more frequent basis. Is this a good idea? Take a listen to the panels ideas and leave your own below.


Read the NY Times article here.

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Your Thoughts On Arming EMS?

This week there was no live podcast.  I did want to highlight one post we did back in February that I think is worth revisiting a little. The link is below. Be sure to post your comments and or tips.

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Arming EMS | Defensive or Simply Offensive?

This week I had a selection of topics lined up for the show but the first one on whether or not to allow EMS providers to carry weapons like firearms, knives, batons etc. took  over and the listeners seemed pretty passionate about it. Take a listen and be sure to leave your story or comment below.

I also posted links to the other topics we didn’t get to below. Hopefully we will cover them in upcoming episodes.

Show Notes:

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Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic – Why Are We So Afraid Of Our Patients?


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Copy & Paste post on Federal EMS agency at EMS Patient Perspective

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