EMS and Technology With EMS1.com’s Kris Kaull

I did this interview with Kris back in 2008 shortly after the launch of the EMS1.com webiste. Take a listen as I discuss EMS technology with him in this 30 minute interview.

About Krisendath D. Kaull, Online Director – EMS

Mr. Kaull manages the Praetorian Group’s online EMS initiatives, including EMS1 and its sub-sites, including ParamedicTV, Paramedic.com and EMSGrantsHelp.com. He supervises all aspects of daily site operations, with an additional focus on company-wide online growth initiatives and internet collaborative functionality. During the course of 15 years in both rural and urban fire and EMS settings, he has worked as a street paramedic, field training officer, and Operations Manager.  Mr. Kaull has enhanced technology communications between field EMS providers and Emergency Departments, has provided expert content review of EMS/fire training materials, and has designed and maintained distance learning and delivery programs for EMS services.  Mr. Kaull frequently lectures on EMS issues; specifically in the realm of technology, distance education and electronic communications.