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Facebook EMSYou know, sometimes all this social media stuff can be a hassle. I like posting, tweeting, blogging and the rest. But occasionally I get sick of the anonymous opinions the sharing of pictures, political banter and “I need 1 million likes to quit smoking” nonsense.

Still social media has once again proven useful and while I am sure there are many ways it was useful during the Boston Marathon Bombing this past week. For me it was useful in a personal way. I have met many people in EMS through social media and have continued that relationship via phone and at conferences (at least those that mother nature lets me get to). Two of these connections are Greg Friese and Carissa Caramanis O’Brien.

When I first turned on the TV and saw what was happening I immediately went to FaceBook and Twitter to see if they were OK. Greg was running in the marathon and Carissa lives in Boston. To my relief there were postings from them both that they were OK. Several actually, many of my other social media connections where way ahead of me and were posting inquires to their safety not only on their personal pages but also on fan pages as well. All in an effort to gain knowledge of their well being.

I was relieved to know they were alright and also sat back a moment and realized how useful Facebook can be. I think about the days when it was much harder to get information like this. I remember 9/11 when I was at ground zero and people I knew could not find out how I was. I remember my brother who worked in the area and fellow responders and how none of us knew if we were safe injured or trapped.

Having social media and a wide net of people who can reach out, pass the word on and give information allowed media like Facebook and Twitter to show that they are indeed more than kitten videos, one sided political rants and meme pictures.

That they are more than methods to show an out of control paramedic or racist EMT. That they can show EMS and responders do much more than that. That most if us do just what all the pictures, videos and news reports have shown the past week. Running toward the dangers, stepping into situations others cannot and asking for nothing in return.

Kudos to the Boston EMS professionals, firefighters and law enforcement for a great job done by all. While you can’t believe everything you see on Facebook. The pictures and videos from this event tell no lies.

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Social Media Oopsies In EMS

299-Purple-256This was a special video Google + Hangout of Office Hours. A first for me and co-host Josh Knapp from We talk about the growing issues with social media and EMS providers being fired and put in the public spotlight for videos, Facebook posts and tweets. Some deserving and others maybe not so much.

What do you think? Is social media and your work as an EMS provider off limits or should you be able to have  your freedom of speech no matter what it is?

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EMS Partner Tip and Stand Alone ED – Tuesday Tweets

Do you Tweet? If not, you are missing out on some great information and quick access to the pulse of EMS. Here are just a few gems for Tuesday. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow these tweeters and keep up with their updates.

@SES4EMS  posted at  6:49am – EMS Tip: having a regular partner can be amazing but communication is key! Really discuss strengths,weaknesses,preferences,etc.

@EMS12Lead   challenged at 8:39am  – 50 year old male CC: Chest pain during sexual intercourse

@jemsconnect  pointed to an interesting article at 11:17am – Virginia hospitals expand stand-alone ED care,

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EMS Twitter Resource

As someone who Tweets, I am always trying to get my friends and family to sign up and get a Twitter account. Often it is resisted as a waste of their time. Statements like “Who wants know what I had for lunch?” or “My life isn’t that interesting for me to be tweeting” are given as excuses for not being a part of this popular social media venue. The funny thing is that many who have said that end up joining Twitter anyway.

One main problem that people find themselves in, is that they just don’t know what to tweet, they draw a blank trying to fill up that 140 character space. Popular news is always great to share, especially if you are the first in your following to tweet it. But it can be hard to find the popular goings on via the web and what people i.e. your followers might find interesting.

In the EMS world, it’s no different. Finding interesting topics to tweet and giving your followers a reason to keep following you can be a constant challenge. For basic informational Tweeting you can use sites like but what about for EMS?

Well, there is a brand new resource just for you EMS tweeters out there called This is a great place to get the hot topics in EMS from news, blogs, podcasts, videos and even product reviews. There is even an included popular WWW section for general interesting news and popular trends. 

So the next time you are having a hard time finding something to tweet or just want  to see what is going on in EMS, be sure to visit this resource.

Take a look now at click here.

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