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  1. Jim,

    What are your thoughts on EMS employees who spend a great amount of their time undermining their current EMS employer, some going as far as begining talks with outside agencies that can come in and take business away from their current employers? I think this is a generational gap, I consider myself a seasoned EMS person with 21 years of EMS experience and 19 of those as a medic now working in administration. This attitude from newbie EMS providers is killing me. How do you suggest we can change this?

  2. Aaron Romano says:

    In your opinion, what are some of the major issues facing new paramedics ?

  3. What are your thoughts on the transions for the EMT AEMT Paramedic. Do you agree or disagree with it?

  4. Jim Hoffman says:

    Here are links for the 8/23/2012 episode.

    http://emsseo.com/2011/04/webinar-4-ts-method-of-mci-management/ Safety First 4T’s by Steve Kanarian

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  5. 1. Protocol 500 A/B; Smoke inhalation & Cyanide Exposure – In table 2 where its a one bottle kit, why is the infant/toddler age dose of Hydroxocobalamin not cut in half from the two bottle kit (like the other age groups/dosages are)?

    2. Protocol 553; Pediatric Non-Traumatic Cardiac Arrest – Option E – If we see a torsades rhythm, we have an OLMC option for Mag Sulfate (25-50 mg/kg IV/IO). We do not however dilute this in NS like we would in the adult administration of Mag Sulfate (503A VF/Pulseless VT & 505C VT with a Pulse, or even 507 Asthma & 540 OB Comp. Any particular reason?

  6. Here is the IO resource mentioned for the 12/6/12 episode.

  7. Here are links and blogs for 2/21/13 show on 12 leads. Check the main blog for more.

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